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Whether you feel you have money or don't, the fact is you can make more out of what you have by investing it in the right places - and utilising tax breaks. We have the experience and know how to ensure you are making the right decisions at the right times.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is probably the most important area of your finances. Equanimity offers a range of retirement solutions, not solely focused on pensions – including ISAs and property investments. We provide advice on all types of pensions from SIPPs to SSAS’s to final salary schemes. Pension’s advice isn’t just limited to accumulating income, but rather creating a strategy for how to draw an income in the most tax efficient way, such as income drawdown and annuity advice.

Lump Sum investment

Whether you have accumulated cash over time or you have had a windfall such as an inheritance, choosing the right investment vehicle and investing strategy is critical. By investing the money wisely, this enables you to maximise returns to enable you to grow your money as much as possible. We advise on all different types of investments ranging from ISAs to Offshore Bonds to VCT’s.

Regular Savings

Not all clients come to us with a lump sum to invest, however they find that they can afford to put away money on a monthly basis. We help them create wealth by advising them on suitable regular savings vehicles.

Trust and Inheritance Tax Planning

Benjamin Franklin said: "There are only two certainties in life; death and taxes." Taxation affects everyone. Given today’s house prices in London, inheritance tax could reduce your assets substantially on death. We provide workable solutions to minimise the Inheritance Tax liability on your estate, enabling you to pass on the maximum wealth to loved ones.