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A divorce or separation can be traumatic and made much worse by money worries. Equanimity will work with you to minimise those concerns at least. We’re experts in divorce and there is very little that we haven’t seen before. Looking closely at your assets, earnings and immediate requirements, we’ll explore your options for getting back on your feet as quickly as possible. We’ll then start looking at your longer term options to build a positive financial future.

As an accredited member of Resolution and an active member of 2 central London PODs, we have an extensive network of specialists to draw upon in order to reach the best settlement possible for your needs. Don’t let financial worries cloud your decisions and let us help you settle your divorce with confidence.

Pensions Advice

A pension is usually the 2nd biggest asset in a divorce settlement and is often misunderstood. Often, clients simply split the pension without correctly valuing the benefits and understanding whether there is a better way of splitting them. With over 20 years’ experience in providing advice on complex pensions such as Final Salary schemes, we are able to provide clarity on how the benefits should be split to secure your financial future.

After a settlement has been reached, we help you implement the pension share to ensure that it is invested appropriately for your future.

Financial Neutral

We are asked by couples, or their collaboratively trained solicitors, to sit in 4-way meetings to provide advice to the divorcing couple on how their assets should be split. This work is done on a financial neutral basis, meaning that we act as a sounding board to both parties giving impartial advice.

Understanding your settlement

During the divorce you will be offered a financial settlement, if not many, but might not understand the financial repercussions to you. We help you interpret your settlement in order to identify what the deal on the table actually means for you. This helps you negotiate the best settlement working in partnership with your solicitor, saving thousands in legal fees.

Investing your financial settlement

Once you are divorced we will help you make the right investment decisions with your divorce settlement. There is often a need to buy a new home, as well as to invest money wisely for the future and we will help you structure your finances sensibly in order to balance your current needs against your future security.