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Mr & Mrs FP Client contacted Equanimity IFA as they didn’t know whether their accumulated assets were sufficient to fund their future. Mr Client wanted to change career which meant that he would take a big cut in salary for a few years. They had a comprehensive property portfolio, with a high level of debt associated with it and money invested in a range of investments. Unfortunately, Mr & Mrs Client had been used to earning a lot of money and so were spending a lot too.

Having identified their key financial goals, we were able to demonstrate the effect of their current expenditure on their overall finances. Their financial plan showed that they would run out of liquid assets by age 70. Due to the high level of mortgage debt, they would have to sell properties to cover their lifestyle and would have no assets left by the age of 80.

We helped the clients understand where they were overspending on their lifestyle and how they could cut back in order to achieve their financial goals. We provided them with a clear strategy for repaying mortgage debt in order that the rental income would actually fund their retirement needs. Finally we gave them clear goals in relation to when they could afford to retire and the implications on their finances of retiring early.