Equanimity IFA – the history

I spend my day listening to client’s varied explanations about why they run their own businesses. So here is my journey. Most people just fall into finance – I didn’t.

Finance has been instilled into my life since I was a young girl. I lost both my parents at a very young age and so was brought up by grandparents. They had lived through the great depression and knew what it was like to have nothing. They taught me the value of looking after money and planning for the future. In fact, when my mum was ill, I would sit through meetings with our financial adviser, solicitor and accountant, watching and learning about what was being planned with the family finances. I didn’t understand then what was being discussed as I was too young, but my grandfather thought it was important that I knew what was being planned. As my grandparents were farmers, I quickly realised that money doesn’t just flow in each month – there are peaks and troughs as with any type of business.

Fast forward to the mid 90s, once I graduated I went to work for Life and Pension providers. I quickly developed a keen skill for providing advice, however became very disenchanted with the industry because, at the time, it was a sales focused environment. Everything I remembered from our family’s advisers when I was growing up was about advice, yet everything I was experiencing was sales.

This led me to launch Equanimity IFA in 2004 and I have not looked back since. The ethos behind the firm is to empower clients to achieve financial independence and security and this hasn’t changed from day 1. The business has 3 guiding principles:

  1. Treat all clients with utmost honesty and integrity
  2. Only do what adds value to our clients and nothing else
  3. Manage client money as we would manage our own

Equanimity IFA today is a strong team of 6 who are all passionate about helping clients. We predominantly work with business owners and high net worth individuals and also have a speciality in helping those going through a divorce. One of the things I love most about my job is seeing an entrepreneur at the start of their business career and working with them through its various phases of growth – people are truly inspirational and a real pleasure to advise.

The first 12 years of running Equanimity IFA has been an incredibly journey and I’ve met some amazing people on the way. I truly believe that I have the best job in the world as I get to meet dynamic individuals and also help them at the same time. I’m so looking forward to the next 12 years of building new relationships with clients.