Equanimity IFA are a firm of holistic financial advice and we can offer advice in all areas of your finances.

Financial Planning

Working with Equanimity IFA enables you to stop and take stock, stepping back from your busy life to identify your financial goals.

Wealth Management

Whether you feel you have money or don't, the fact is you can make more out of what you have by investing it in the right places - and utilising tax breaks.

Business Owner

Many of our clients run their own businesses and therefore we understand the need to manage your finances carefully.


A divorce or separation can be traumatic and made much worse by money worries. Equanimity will work with you to minimise those concerns at least.


For many of us, buying a property is the most important financial decision we will ever make.

Financial Protection

Nobody knows exactly what is around the corner and although we always hope for the best, it makes sense to plan for the worst.